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Naturally curly hair?...don't panic!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I have met many naturally curly gals who are more concerned about getting their curly hair styled/ choosing a style for their wedding day than any other part of their wedding planning! I completely understand that. Some don't know how to care for their curls or bring out the best in them and others know their hair better than anyone and have mastered the care of their curls, knowing exactly what products and styling techniques work for them. I love my curls and wouldn't change them but it has been a journey to find my best curls...and some days I still don't! If you love your curls, there is no reason why you can't show them off and be proud of them!

Curls are romantic and can look glamorous, yet natural. I love to give you the confidence to know that you can keep your natural curls and still have a beautiful bridal style. So, lets put the straighteners away and embrace those perfect curls!

It can take a lot of trial and error to find the best products and styling techniques for you- it is definitely a journey! Naturally curly hair needs the correct products for you and a great cut. Here are some of my tips to get you started on your journey to healthy bouncy curls-


Natural curls need moisture to look their best. Dry and dehydrated curls will lack bounce and be more prone to frizz. Applying a weekly hair mask should also be a part of your routine. Try not to wash your hair too often as this will also dry it out. Avoid the root area with conditioner as this will weigh the roots down. It's a good idea to also leave some conditioner in your hair to help when styling it.


Try not to let your hair dry too much before you add styling products/ diffuse it as this can cause frizz. Applying your styling products to wet hair will give you the best results. Avoid using your every day bathroom towels to dry your hair & do not vigorously rub your hair too as this will open up the hair cuticles = FRIZZ! A microfibre towel like the one I have is fab or you can use an old cotton t-shirt to wrap around your head. This is much more gentle on your hair.


Dry, split ends will look frizzy, so it's vital you have regular trims to keep your hair healthy. Naturally curly hair bounces up in length, so I know it can be an anxious time going for a haircut...I've been there myself! Communication is crucial- curls have rules of their own, so find a stylist with cutting & styling experience in curly hair.


Diffusing your hair will give it more 'oomph' than letting it dry naturally. When diffusing, avoid touching and moving your hair around too much. Keep the hairdryer on a cool- medium heat to prevent heat damage. I use the Dyson dryer & diffuser and have definitely noticed a difference in my hair- less frizz!


Finding the right products that work for you can be expensive as it is often trial and error until you find the ones that suit your hair. You also don't have to pay a lot of money for 'curly hair' products. Don't give up on a product after using it for the first time if you think it's not working for you- it may be that you have used too much or not enough. It may also be the way you have applied it to your wet hair. Powerdomi has some great styling technique tips!


You don't have to add any accessories to your hair and just show off your gorgeous, shiny natural curls at their best- embrace your natural hair and work with what you've got to create a stunning bridal look. My aim would initially be to get your curls looking their best before I start to style it in any way. Chose the bridal hair accessories that you love- having curly hair does not prevent you from wearing a particular item in any way! Fresh flowers in your hair also look amazing in curly hair styles, for a natural and romantic look.

There are lots...and lots....and lots...and lots of information available and a good place to start you off caring for your natural curl journey is the Curly Girls Method. This will give you information on finding out what type of curl(s) you have, what ingredients to avoid and where to start in finding the best products for you. @marisacurls also has some amazing information for you! You will eventually find what works for you....and remember, whilst they may drive you mad at times, keep in mind that your friends with flat, straight, lifeless hair would probably give their right arm for your volume and texture! We are never happy eh...! Please do get in touch if you have any questions and would like more advice. I'm happy to help!

Enjoy your curls!

Lesley x

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