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The Lymphatic Brush is not a dry brush, a make-up brush, or a cleansing brush. It is specifically designed to provide an easy, ergonomic and effective way to incorporate lymphatic drainage into your professional and self-care routine.

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The Lymphatic Brush combo

  • The Lymphatic Brush Combo

    Your full-body and facial lymphatic drainage solution. Target sluggishness, reduce inflammation, clear congestion, improve skin common concerns and support your immune system from head to toe.

    • Reduce swelling; odema
    • Filters cellular waste, cellulite
    • Pain relief, anti-inflammatory
    • Calm nervous system
    • Improve digestion
    • Aid in sports performance, recovery
    • Accelerate healing; post-operative

    Cecily Braden has revolutionised “bristle” face and body brushes with the introduction of The Lymphatic Brush

    The patented design features a unique bristle pattern and density combination that grips the skin in a precise way, targeting the superficial lymph vessels residing just under the skin. When combined with specialized techniques, it mimics the passive contractions of the lymph vessels to manually propel fluids and stimulate lymph flow.

    The ergonomic contoured shape ensures proper contact with the surface of the skin and accurate alignment with the lymph nodes and lymphatic pathways.

    Although they appear the same, the face and body brush bristles differ slightly to provide appropriate pressure from head to toe. The bristles are soft, but durable. They won’t scratch, irritate, or damage sensitive and fragile skin types.

    The Lymphatic Brush makes it easy to effectively incorporate lymphatic drainage into your professional treatments and self-care routines.


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