Mookaite operates at the Qi level to strengthen the production of blood and invigorates circulation, encouraging self-awareness and honesty with oneself.


Created by Cecily Braden, this patented design is unlike any other tool on the market- it bridges professional techniques with at-home rituals. Its unique angles, beveled edges, a smooth texture and built-in acupressure points allow professionals to perform extremely specific facial massage techniques while the familiar curves, small size and CJB signature protective pouch make this tool ideal for at-home use and beginners.


Use this stone to re-pattern signs of ageing,  facial contouring, diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness & smooth the apprearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Note: Due to genuine gemstone quality, characteristics & colour will vary from featured image. Price per each stone.


Patent Number D908906

CJB Mookaite Jasper Gua Sha

  • Size approximately 4.5 × 3 × 1"