Gua Sha Bare Sculpting Facial

Think of it as yoga for your face, sculpting to define your features by making those jawlines strong and cheekbones pop! Having recently garnered a celebrity following; even Meghan Markle was reportedly a fan before her May nuptials - facial massage is at the beginning of a skin revolution.

So what is it?


With over 28 years of experience as a beauty therapist, I use the best tricks learned over a lifetime to treat your skin. The Gua Sha Bare Sculpting Facial combines an advanced method of traditional facial massage, ayurvedic Indian massage and acupressure that treat the surface and deeper facial tissues through gentle hand and finger movements. I prioritise process over products using a natural, stripped back approach that concentrates on improving your lymphatic drainage by getting rid of wastes and toxins, massaging to improve blood flow and sculpting to increase muscle tone. My treatment creates more defined features, reduces lines, puffiness and enhances your feeling of positivity and well-being.


It has been branded the ‘natural facelift’ - no surgery, no injections and instant results.

As a make-up artist, I work with brides constantly who want to know the best tricks to achieve that ‘bridal glow’ on their wedding day - my background in beauty therapy combined with my experience as an MUA has taught me the importance of having a good base. A product can only go so far in covering stressed-out, puffy skin. The Gua Sha Bare Sculpting facial is great not only for you to take some time-out in the lead up to your big day to relax and centre yourself, but it also sculpts and tones making you look the best, most natural version of you on your day.


I recommend six, weekly treatments in the lead up to your wedding - with the option to ‘top-up’ with one treatment a month if you wish to up-keep the treatment.

I am also a huge advocate for also looking after your skin, hair and nails from the inside too.  Taking a two-prong approach with inside and outside will give you maximum benefits.  See the link below to learn more!


Take a look through our real-brides and gorgeous styled shoots to see some of our recent work!

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